Office automation contributes to an organization’s success by simplifying administrative tasks, increasing efficiency, facilitating control and management of processes, assets and resources, and boosting productivity. In selecting an office automation system, it is important to implement a proven solution trusted by many organizations to leverage industry best practices on business processes that are built into the system, ensure successful system deployment and rollout; and realize quick ROI.

The Akrebeia Office Automation System is a set of fully web-based applications designed to automate many of the administrative functions carried out by organizations such as Human Capital System, Document Management System, E-Payroll System, Project Tracking System, Budget & Accounting System, Inventory & Purchasing System, Operation & Maintenance System, Akrebeia Desk, Committee/Meeting Management System, and Enterprise Search.

Akrebeia LLC designed the Akrebeia applications to empower organizations to implement seamless integrated office management processes, manage and exchange organization data in the most productive and cost-effective way. Akrebeia has helped many organizations to serve their partners and customers effectively and efficiently; improve their internal business and customer service processes, reduced the time and effort to perform routine administrative tasks and processes, and helped them make reliable decisions.

Fully integrated both at the application and database level, the Akrebeia Office Automation System features a comprehensive security system directly integrated with the Active Directory of Microsoft Windows Server that provide administrators granular control of security and user access at the application, functionality and data levels. This ensures that data stored in any of the Akrebeia applications are highly secured and only accessible to authorized users with the proper access rights and privileges.

As a fully web-based system, the Akrebeia Office Automation System is designed and built on service oriented architecture, the system makes extensive use of web services that facilitate integration between Akrebeia applications and third party systems that organizations use.

Many of the key Akrebeia applications have mobile applications that allow users (especially managers and executives) to access their systems remotely at anytime and anywhere using tablets or mobile phones. Mobility provides key users the ability to take quick action on tasks thereby reducing the time to complete various processes.



Complemented by mobile versions of key Akrebeia applications that run on IOS and Android, the mobile app provides the ability for managers to review and action requests (e.g. approve vacation request, review and assign documents) using their mobile devices, a useful feature that enables the organization to be more agile and pro-active on various tasks and processes – anywhere and anytime.

Automated Workflow and E-Mail Notification

All Akrebeia application supports automated workflow and e-mail notification to route information or items to appropriate organization staff for the required action.

Ease of Integration

Built on service-oriented architecture, the Akrebeia applications can be easily integrated with third party applications using web services such as financial systems, CRM, etc.

Support for Document Attachments

Users and administrators can attach images or other documents to records created and saved in any of the Akrebeia applications which can be easily retrieved when viewing the records.

Fully Bilingual (Arabic/English)

Users have the option to switch to either Arabic or English user interface, at any point in the system, with just a click of the button.

Supports Gregorian and Hijra Dates

All Akrebeia applications allow users to specify Gregorian or Hijra dates.

Each of the Akrebeia applications have dashboards, graphical charts and pre-defined reports that can be easily customized to meet different user and organizational requirements. These reports and dashboards provide managers and decision makers real-time and accurate information they need to make quick and effective decisions. Advanced analytical reports can also be added using the optional Akrebeia Big Data Analytics component that can be implemented as part of the Akrebeia suite of office automation systems. In addition, all Akrebeia applications feature adaptors that can be easily linked to the Akrebeia Enterprise Search – a system that provides a robust enterprise search platform to easily and quickly search data across the enterprise.

Deployed in many organizations, the Akrebeia Office Automation System is a proven system already in use by thousands of users. It is a proven and trusted system that incorporates the industry best practices in office automation processes and the different function areas covered by each of the Akrebeia applications.